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Mentor Program

If you are an experienced official, you can be a mentor! Our mentoring program is available to all newly registered officials and younger officials looking to improve their skills and advance to the next level.

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Rules Updates & PIAA Bulletins

The National Federation of State and High School Associations (NFHS) has announced the Basketball Rules Changes for 2017-18

The PIAA has released the 2017-18 Preseason Bulletin for basketball along with the 2017-18 Points of Emphasis. There is even a PowerPoint slideshow on the 2017-18 NFHS Basketball Rules available for you.

In addition, the PIAA has issued a special Press Release addressing the new rule for giving an Offical Warning for Misconduct given to Coaches in High School Basketball

Archived PIAA Bulletins and NFHS information sheets from last season are available, as well. Refer to the Archived Information on the left.