League Re-assignor - all levels

First things first:

The YAIAA League Re-assignor for all levels is:
Vince Marechal (717) 487-3487 (cell) -- email: marecvin@comcast.net

Need to Turn Back a Game?

It happens to all of us: you wake up not feeling your best. You struggle to get through the day, fighting off your congestion and any aches and pains. You feel even worse by the time game time rolls around. You are not at your best and your performance shows it. Your partner(s) try to cover for you, but that only affects their performance, as well. Maybe you should have turned back the game.

Maybe you turned your ankle over the weekend or in the last game you worked, or maybe you pulled a muscle. Once again, you tell yourself "I can do this!" You push through it and work the game; but it's not one of your better efforts. Maybe you should have turned back the game.

Maybe the company needs you to go on an unscheduled trip out of town and you need to turn back a game you've already accepted.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to to turn back a game. It happens to all of us; just don't wait until the last minute to do it (unless it is a true emergency).


It is your responsibility to contact the League Re-assignor ASAP if you need to turn back an assignment. Unless it is within 24 hours of the game time, EMAIL your turnback to Vince. Emails submitted within 24 hours of the scheduled game time, unless sumitted with a follow-up text message or phone call (717) 487-3487, will NOT be acknowledged as received.

Turnbacks due to an illness should be made as soon as you feel ill. If you do not feel well the night before a game - or the morning of a game - DO NOT WAIT until lunchtime to turn back the game. The sooner you contact the Re-assignor, the easier it will be to obtain a replacement. Be courteous to the re-assignor and to your fellow officials; you know - the ones who will be getting the call to cover your game.