Information from our Rules Interpreter

On this page you will find links to information provided by our chapter Rules Interpreter, Chris Boyer. During the regular season, most of this information will be conveyed directly to officials at the Chapter Meetings. Whenever possible, the information will be made available here, as well.

Power Point Presentations

Depending upon your browser, the PowerPoint Presentations may open in a new window or may 'download' to your computer. After selecting the slideshow to view: Click your mouse to move through the slideshow. Press the ESC key to exit the slideshow.

Intent'l & Flagrant Fouls,
Fighting (2016)
Table & Coach Communications (2016) 3-person Mechanics (2016)
Alternating Possession (2015) Team/Player T-fouls (2015) Bench T-fouls (2015)
Correctable Errors (2015) Front/Back court Traveling